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Ganesh Chaturthi

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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

A place where Ganesh Chaturti is celebrated grandly is Mumbai. If you happen to visit Mumbai during this festive period you will marvel at the preparations for the celebration. In Mumbai, the preparations would be made at least one to two months before the start of the festival. No matter where you turn, you can catch a glimpse of Ganesh, as huge images of him are put up almost everywhere. 
Lights are also put up to decorate the images. At home, Hindus pray to the God and on Ganesh Chaturti, the last day of the festival, you can expect to see a large crowd of about thousand devotees in a procession for the celebration. The idol of Ganesh is immersed in water and while this is done drums are played and devotional songs are sung. 

The immersion of the idol in the water marks the end of the ten-day festival
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